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Why I Did Not Like Owning A Boutique

Well, I have been avoiding writing this post because to be honest, I felt embarrassed and felt like I failed myself but I have learned that that is not the case that I need to open up and talk about why I did not like owning a boutique.

I just want to start out by saying if you have a dream of owning a boutique, I am not writing this to discourage you. I am writing this as a reflection for myself and also so that if you are hesitant and want to learn what I didn't like, I can be a resource for you.

First off, I wanted to say for the time I was operating Trending Boutique, I was actually quite successful and I felt like I was getting into the swing of learning what worked well for me and my brand however, I still hated owning the boutique.

What I hated about it?

I hated inventory. I know, someone who shops for clothes as their job hates it? YES! The logistics side of it was so challenging for me! I know clothes pretty well but, figuring out what people would buy felt impossible and frankly, frustrating! I also didn't like how slow paced it was. Blogging has made seasons fly by for me and I am so used to the rush of blogging sales as fast as I can and getting content up that owning a boutique felt so slow. I also felt so stressed about wanting everything to sell out that it just wasn't very fun for me. Lastly, I wanted to theoretically do the boutique for a few years and then graduate college and do it as my job. I could never see myself being a boutique owner because it just wasn't for me. I do not have the skills for what it takes to own a boutique so over all I decided not to continue.

I have been avoiding telling people because it is no secret that I start a lot of things and dive in head first and realize real quick that it is not for me. I was embarrassed that people would think I failed or that I just gave up. Well news flash to myself, it was none of those things. If anything, owning the boutique taught me that I love blogging and that it is my passion!

What did I love about it?

I loved workign with bloggers!! Being a blogger, I had a huge leg up and I made so many connections with other girls! It was so fun and I really wanted to be a boutique for bloggers and I felt like I was doing such a great job! Boutique owners, bloggers of any following size are beneficial to your brand if you put their needs and wants first and treat them as part of your team!

While owning a boutique didn't workout for me, I am thankful for the opportunity to chase my dreams. Even though it didn't workout how I thought, I am so glad I tried and it wasn't a dream anymore! Thank you to anyone who supported my boutique and my dreams!

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