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What to Wear in Seaside, Florida for Spring Break

My recent visit to 3oA has me eagerly anticipating the spring and summer weather along with the perfect outfits. It was a blast putting together a lookbook showcasing various outfits for your upcoming trip to Seaside. I linked everything I wore in Florida in this post for you to shop.


Sunny Days Outfit

I received numerous compliments when I wore this sweater, giving off a complete beach vibe that was ideal for breezy days by the shore. Pairing it with my favorite white jeans created a stylish all-white ensemble, making me feel like a fashion designer in this outfit.

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Romping Around Town

I can't resist a great Amazon find, and this romper is set to be a springtime staple in my wardrobe. Its comfort factor is off the charts, and I adore how effortlessly it allows me to create stylish outfits. During a day filled with lots of walking, I opted to pair this romper with my go-to sandals from Target – not only are they incredibly comfortable, but they also add a touch of cuteness to the ensemble! This combo is definitely going to be on repeat all season long.

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Sunset Vibes

I Absolutely adored this outfit, and surprisingly, the coordination with the sunset was completely unplanned! The babydoll crop top adds a charming touch, but fair warning – it does run on the smaller side, particularly if you have a larger chest. So, keep that in mind while styling your look!

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Pure Elegence

Indulging my love for babydoll dresses, the simplicity and effortless flow of this white dress make it an absolute favorite. It's become my go-to ensemble for beach trips, adding that essential touch of comfort to the seaside experience. There's something about the easy elegance of a white dress that completes the coastal vibe with sheer perfection.

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Linen Dress Dreams

If there's one item to snag from this post, make it this linen dress. It's the perfect investment piece, offering versatility and longevity in your wardrobe. The quality is exceptional, exuding designer vibes, and the fit is incredibly flattering, hugging your curves like a glove.

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Monochrome Magic in Crochet

No beach escape is complete without donning crochet! This black and white crochet midi dress is my absolute favorite—comfortable, with a built-in slip dress that adds a delightful touch. Paired it with sandals and a straw bag to capture the ultimate beachy vibe.

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Floral Fiesta

I am Absolutely thrilled with this top – the burst of bright colors and its springtime vibes make me so happy! Paired it flawlessly with crisp white jeans, enhancing the fresh and vibrant essence. A must-have for the season's cheerful style!

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Pretty in Pink

I Stumbled upon another gem on Amazon, and it's available in a variety of colors! This pink set is my absolute spring and beach trip favorite—comfortable, versatile, and doubles as a perfect coverup. If you have a larger chest, consider sizing up; I went for a medium but wish I had grabbed the large.

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Ocean Blues

The scallop trend is making waves this spring, and if you haven't noticed it yet, you're in for a treat! I'm absolutely loving its comeback. This stunning maxi dress against the ocean backdrop is pure dreaminess. Don't fret about the fit – it's incredibly stretchy and runs on the larger side, so go for your true size or even consider sizing down for a perfect fit.

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Sunset Dreams

Would you believe this jaw-dropping dress is an Amazon discovery? It's absolutely stunning, and the variety of color options is a bonus. Here's the twist: it's a two-piece ensemble—a skirt and a top that you tie together to create the dress. Surprisingly comfy with just the right amount of stretch, this outfit is not only chic but also perfect for a stylish dinner outing!

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Rainbow Fish Vibes

Craving vibrant cover-ups! When I shared this gem on Instagram, you all went wild—and for good reason. It's incredibly cute, comfy, and versatile; I adore how it seamlessly transitions from a day at the beach to grabbing dinner at a beachside spot.

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Linen pants are a must-have in my beach bag—effortless to toss over a swimsuit, and perfect to pair with a cute top or sweater for a stroll around town after a day at the beach. Found these gems on Amazon, and now they're a permanent fixture in my suitcase for every beach escape!

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Boho Beach Vibes

This cover-up has completely stolen my heart! Its chic allure and the ideal amount of coverage over my swimsuit make it an absolute favorite. While I thoroughly enjoy beach hangs, there are moments when I crave a bit more comfort, and this versatile cover-up skirt comes to the rescue. The ease of throwing it on adds an extra layer of style to my beach days, making it a go-to piece in my seaside wardrobe.

Casual Cutie

White shorts are my eternal crush, and these have quickly become my absolute favorites. They're incredibly comfortable, featuring an elastic waist that ensures a relaxed fit around the stomach. The length is just perfect—neither too long nor too short—and the versatility is unmatched. You can effortlessly pair them with anything. For a chic ensemble, I opted for a button-down top to complete the look!

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Comment below which outfit was your favorite. If you are heading to Seaside this year, check out my 30A Travel Guide where I share all the fun things I did during my trip.

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