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What You Need To Know About The 2020 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

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What is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale & why is it a big deal? If you are new around here or new to following a fashion blogger or just new to blogging, the Nordstrom Anniversary sale is where you can get good deals on designer/top brands before the new season (aka fall/winter). After the sale, everything goes back up to full price so it's awesome to grab some discounted awesome. I also love the anniversary sale because I feel like it sets the ton of what I will be shopping for this next season. It kind of sets the tons for the trends and everything to come with fall! This sale isn't necessary a big deal but, designer items are not usually known to go on sale so if you are looking to score some higher quality prices, this is the sale to shop!

I keep seeing stuff about a Nordstrom card, should I get one? This is the only time where you will hear me say it is okay to get a credit card. My parents are big firm believers in not opening store cards however, my mom and I have the Nordstrom card. The only reason we have it and why I suggest getting one is because you can shop the sale earlier than people who don't have the Nordstrom card. With that being said, if you don't have the card, no big deal! Stuff will still be in stock but, the items that are super popular might be gone or limited stock. I have shopped early access and without early access and I get good deals and find good things every time! So to answer this question, no it is not necessary to get the card unless you want early access! Apply for a Nordstrom card here!

Important Dates

  1. Preview of sale items starts today, July 24th (start adding to your wishlists ladies!)

  2. Early access (card members) can start shopping August 13th

  3. Sale open to all starting August 19-30

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What should I look for to get good deals ? This can be tricky depending on what you are looking for so I will tell you what I usually go for! I find that with items I buy from this sale, I tend to keep for a few seasons which is a good thing. What I usually shop is items like coats and shoes. I usually like to try to find good quality pieces that I know I will keep for a long time such as a leather jacket or a pair of boots. Usually, in fall and winter, there are things that don't go out of style. For instance, tell me the last time a leather jacket or a pair of suede boots wasn't popular in winter. You can't because they have been in style since longer than I can remember! So, when shopping just keep in the back of your mind, what can I wear for a long time or a few seasons!

What brands do you like to shop during the sale? There are so many awesome brands I like but I will list a few down below with brands I like to shop during the sale!

  1. Barefoot Dreams (usually the first to go during the sale so RUN!)

  2. Topshop (great prices and affordable trendy pieces)

  3. Spanx (y'all know I love their leggings)

  4. B.P. (another great one for good quality/ trendy pieces at a good price)

  5. Free People (not always a free people fan but, I love there sweaters)

  6. Steve Madden (never met a Steve Madden shoe I didn't like)

  7. 1. STATE (another great one for trendy items/basics) If y'all have any questions navigating the sale feel free to comment below and don't forget to subscribe to my blog so that you can be notified about all things Nordstrom Anniversary Sale in the weeks to come!

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