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New York Fashion Week Travel Guide

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

It has been ages since I have had a new blog post up, but I sure am excited about this one! Last month I had the privledge of attending New York Fashion Week and it was such a dream come true. I think if you love fashion, it is a dream of yours to attend fashion week which is why I am going to give you the inside scoop on how to attend!

What is NYFW

I am pretty sure that most of you reading this are familiar with New York Fashion week, but if you are not, it is a series of designer presentations to showcase the upcoming seasons designs. Fashion week occurs twice a year, in February and September. They also have fashion weeks in the 4 fashion capitals of the world. New York, London, Paris, Milan.

How To Attend NYFW

This is the most challenging part to fashion week as there is not just a website where you can get tickets to all the shows. Some/most of the larger designer shows are by invitation only, but don't let this hold you back from attending!

Here's how I attended: September of 2021, I decided that after I graduated college in May of 2022, I wanted to attend fashion week in September in New York. After that is when I decided to start planning. My first resource for those of you wanting to attend NYFW is become a member of Fashion Week Online. If I can remember correctly, I think it is $14 a year for a membership. Fashion Week Online is a great resource because it tells you when fashion week will be held and what the show schedules will be.

So, originally, I planned to score a lot of invite only shows, but unfortunately, I became so busy with my new job that I didn't really have time to sit down and write out emails to designers. The good news is, if you don't want to go to invite only shows, there are shows that are open to the public that you can grab tickets to which is what we did.

Since I only have experience going to the public shows, this is all the information I will share with you. The way I purchased tickets to the public shows was through Fashion Week Online. They have different categories on their show schedule that shows you which shows are open to the public and which are online only. Make sure to check back in to the schedule closer to fashion week because shows are added all the time.

The shows we mainly saw were for Runway 7 I highly suggest going to Runway 7 shows. They were so fun and with one ticket, you can see multiple designers so it's a great way to get a bang for your buck. We did general admission because it was cheaper, but with general admission we could stand anywhere and we got super close to the stage. One morning show we had at Runway 7 we were even able to sit!

More Fashion Week Tips

  1. Start by planning out what shows you want to go to for fashion week

  2. Fill in your schedule with other tourist stuff after you decide on what shows to go to

  3. When booking a hotel, make sure to book near where your shows will be (it's a lot more walking than you might think)

  4. Schedule in time to take content photos and even some downtime between shows

  5. My biggest piece of advice if you are planning on going to fashion week for the first time, go the public shows route so that you can learn the ins and outs of fashion week because prior to going, I was so confused on how it worked.

Things To Do in NYC

  1. Visit the Moxie Hotel's rooftop bar Magic Hour (I suggest making a reservation if you go on a weekend)

  2. Visit the Flat iron district

  3. See a show on Broadway (we saw Six and it was so good)

  4. Grab lunch and snap a pic at Pietro Nolita

  5. Grab a ferry to see the Statue of Liberty at Battery Park

  6. Grab a snack at Chelseas Market

  7. City Bus is a great way to see several parts of NYC

  8. Shop around Time Square

  9. Visit Pick-a-Bagel for the best NYC bagel

  10. Visit the Met for an iconic Gossip Girl moment

  11. Visit Soho and grab lunch in little Italy

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