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How To Throw The Best Graduation Party

You all know I love to throw a good party, so when graduation rolled around, I knew I wanted to throw a grad party! I had so much fun making all of the decorations for this party, not to mention the colors were so cute! Keep reading if you want to hear all about the decorations for my grad party!

First off, I would like to toot my own horn and say I made all the decorations myself. I knew what I wanted after searching high and low on Pinterest and grabbed as much inspo from there as I could. By far, the most time consuming thing to make was the balloon letters. It took a lot of time because you had to cut out each letter, and glue the sides to the letter, and then you had to fill the letters in with balloons. All together, this was a 3 day project. Once the letters were up by the end of the pool, I LOVED how they turned out! Sadly, it starting pouring right after we put up all the decorations so a lot of my decorations were ruined. Overall, I would totally do balloon letters again because I thought they were so fun and such a hit!

I really wanted this party to reflect me and my style which is why I went with pink colors instead of my universities colors. I decided to do a custom margarita bar for my party because, why not! It was such a hit and so fun and unique! I made the custom signature drink sign on Canva and let me tell you, it took 10 minutes to make, it was so easy! Click here for the template!

The newest thing I tried this party decoration wise were jumbo balloons with tassel strings to float in the pool. If you are looking for an easy decoration for the pool, this is by far it! I loved this idea (I wish I had better pictures) and it turned out so dang cute! To keep the balloons floating around the pools, I tied them to water bottles. Not my favorite way because I am all about keeping everything cute, but it worked great!

My go-to decorations lately have been a fringe wall, because it is surprisingly easy to make and balloon garlands. I didn't have enough time to make the balloon garlands super full but I think they turned out so cute! I used this video for reference to create the fringe background.

As far as where I got all the supplies, and balloons, I mostly got from Arnes Warehouse here in Houston or Party City. The tablecloths I got from Party City because they are super cheap. The letters I created out of foam boards from the dollar store and the fringe for the pool balloons is tissue paper that I got from the dollar store!

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