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Favorite Activites To Do During The Christmas Season

  1. A Charlie Brown Christmas- Performance: Charlie Brown is a classic Christmas movie and who doesn't like Charlie Brown? Main Street Theater is featuring A Charlie Brown Christmas from Nov.21- Dec.16 and it is a must see. This is great if you have a group of small kids or a group of kids all ages because everyone is guaranteed to love it. This is also a great activity if you have family or friends in town with kids and the house is just not cutting it for entertainment for the little ones anymore. Round up the gang and head out for a fun-filled night! 2. The Houston Ballet Presents the Nutcracker: If you haven't been to the Nutcracker then that should be at the top of your, things to do during Christmas, list. The Nutcracker tells the story about a little girl who's favorite Christmas toy, a nutcracker, comes to life and the toy defeats the evil mouse king and from that point, she goes to the happy kingdom filled with dolls. This show is always performed very well and it is such a fun tradition that many families do not miss each year. Because of hurricane Harvey, the Houston Nutcracker has been moved to the Smart Financial Center in Sugar Land. Tickets range from $55.00 - $120.00 per person. 3. Houston Zoo Lights: Zoo lights has to be one of my favorite Christmas activities because they also do a great job at decorating the zoo. However, if you think that you are going to be seeing a lot of animals, sadly you won't be. When the Zoo opens up a second time, the animals are all asleep but don't let that stop you from going. I love Christmas music and thought the entire exhibit they are playing Sunny 99.1 and it is all Christmas music and it is fantastic. On the nights when it actually gets pretty chilly in Houston, they have hot chocolate at the food court which is smack in the middle of the exhibit so you can make a pit stop for some refreshments. Tickets are $16.95 or $19.95 depending on which night you go and children 1 and under are free. Zoo Lights runs from November 10 - January 2. 4. Holly Jolly Christmas: This activity is great for small kids because Santa and Frosty the snowman and many other Christmas Characters come to life at the Woodlands Cynthia Mitchell Pavillion. They also have crafts and fake snow and carolers. Take a day with the family and enjoy a fun-filled afternoon! 5. Outdoor Ice Skating rink at Discover Green: So I know what your thinking, skating outside in Houston?! Well, I have to say I have skated when its cold and when it is fairly warm and it was fun both times. you rent some skates and then head out on the ice. It does get pretty crowded on the rink during the weekend but during the week it's not too bad! They also have a light display and space for kids to run around. I hope y'all enjoy these activites and comment if you've done any of these activites! Until next time, Caio!

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