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All Things Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2023

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

It's that time of year again when Nordstrom holds its biggest and best sale of the year! Every year I dive into the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and scour the website to find the best deals. Personally, I love this sale, and I always find purchase items that have been my favorite for years. I will be sharing my favorite pieces from the sale this year in a wishlist and next week, I will take you shopping with me at my local Nordstrom.

If you are new to shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and you have no idea what I am talking about, check out my blog post, What You Need To Know About The Nsale. To Summarize, Nordstrom holds its anniversary sale every year during the month of July. This sale typically has a lot of new designer items for fall on sale. This is different than a typical sale because it is not last season's items on sale, but rather new items for the upcoming season that haven't even hit the racks yet. There are different tiers for when you can shop, so make sure you head to the Nordstrom website to figure out when you are able to shop.

  • July 3: The sale preview is live

  • July 11th: Sale opens to ICONS.

  • July 12th: Sale opens to AMBASSADORS.

  • July 13th: Sale opens to INFLUENCERS.

  • July 17th: Sale opens to EVERYONE.

My Nsale Wishlist

*Click the pink shopping cart to shop the item*

My Outwear Picks

The outwear selection for the Nsale is most peoples favorite to shop. If you are looking for good quality coats and jackets, this sale is for you. They typically have designer coats on sale for $200 and less. I live in Houston, so I don't typically need thick coats, but I have my eye on a few coats this year.

My Sweaters + Tops Picks

Sweaters and tops is where I do the most damage during the Nsale. I love all the different brands they carry like Free People, BP, WAYF, and more! A lot of the sweaters I have purchased from years past at the Nordstrom sale I still love and wear every fall and winter. I typically like to go for neutral sweaters and tops because these items are more expensive, but this year they have a few colorful sweaters that I can't wait to get my hands on!

My Bottoms Picks

There are a few pieces in your closet that you should splurge and spend more money on. I always say that you should splurge on jeans because who wants to wear uncomfortable jeans? For years, I have always bought the Wit and Wisdom skinny jeans at the Nsale. I love the fit and how comfortable they are. It literally feels like I am wearing leggings!

My Dress Picks

Nordstrom is known for being a store to shop for designer pieces which is why people love this sale. If you have any fall weddings or events coming up, this sale is a great time to snag some good-quality dresses. I love all their event dresses, but I also love their sweater dresses too.

My Shoe Picks

The Nsale is notorious for selling out of items quickly. Once you have access to the sale, purchase shoes first because that is the category that sells out quickly. The shoes that are on sale during the Nsale are probably my favorites out of all the items on sale. I typically always buy a new pair of Ugg slippers and a pair of boots, and I also love their mules. This year I am probably going to buy some loafers too. I typically love the Steve Madden and Marc Fisher shoes they have on sale. Those brands sell out the quickest so make sure to add them to your cart quickly!

My Accessories Picks

I personally have never really bought any accessories during this sale, but I know that have a lot of great deals on designer handbags. I personally am eyeing the Rebecca Minkoff Large Edie Top Handle Satchel. It is the perfect work bag and overall great everyday purse. They also have a lot of deals on Kate Spade, Coach, Marc Jacobs, and more.

My Beauty Picks

If you love Olaplex, Supergoop, Tula, and other name-brand beauty products, this sale is a great time to stock up. I personally typically go for the clothing items during the sale, but I have been eyeing the T3 Single Pass Curing Iron. Some beauty favorites I love that will be on sale are the Supergoop Playscreen Bundle and the Tula Glowbest Bundle.

My Favorite Items From Years Past

I have been shopping the Nsale for a couple of years now, and typically, there are some items from the sale that never change. I rounded up my favorite items from years past that I still use/wear to this day.

Let me know in the comments below what you are planning to shop for during the Nsale. I will be sharing what I purchase from the sale next week on the blog and on Youtube.

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