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Why You Should Start A Blog In 2022

I feel that 2022 is the year that I just go for it. I am about to graduate college, and I have nothing holding me back; and I am super excited for all the endeavors I will face this year. If you feel like I do and want to start something new and think blogging might be for you, I am here to tell you that it is and that you should start blogging, and before you ask if blogging is out of style, it is not.

I recently was on a podcast where I was asked if blogs were out. The simple answer is no; they are not. Blogs are super popular nowadays because it is something you physically own. Have you heard of people losing their Instagram page with thousands of followers? That is because even though the profile is ours, we don't own Instagram, let alone any social media platforms. Blogs are a way for you to own your brand or business and not have to worry about it being taken away from you. If your social media accounts did go away, the benefit of having a blog is that your audience can find you there and find out what happened so you won't lose your following.

If you are on board with starting your blog, I highly suggest using WordPress. I wrote a blog post last year about the pros and cons of WordPress and how to get started. This is not a sponsored post, but this is where I run my blog. I love how easy it is to create your website, and I love how you can start with a free account and test out blogging before you decide to dive into it fully. There are a ton of different ways to make your sight your own; Etsy also sells different website themes for WordPress to customize your site even more.

Blogs also allow you to link and share more about different topics. I love being on several social media sites and having all my platforms circle back to my blog. It also makes it easy to share my blog on one social media platform, and from there, they can check out my Instagram, Youtube videos, or TikTok links! If you utilize your blog well, it can become a one-stop shop for your audience, and it will help you grow!

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Apr 29

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