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Why I Changed My Mindset When Blogging

I still get a lot of questions all the time asking about how I grew my blog so much this summer. The truth is, it all had to do with my mindset. Once I changed my mindset and started thinking about my blog in a different way, everything changed for me and I started to grow rapidly!

This summer, over quarantine, I decided that I wanted to start taking my blog more seriously and since I had more times on my hands I thought that it was the perfect time to start. The first thing I did was stop thinking about my blog as a hobby. It doesn't matter how many followers you have, you don't need 10K to think that your blog is a business.

I decided to create a schedule for posting and content so that it would feel more like a job instead of something I did occasionally. Once I created my schedule, I felt like it was easier to create content and reach out to brands for collabs because I knew what content I wanted to post each month and I could pitch to brands more easily.

By collaborating with brands, I was able to sit down and create an extensive media kit that describes me and my brand and more. I still get compliments to this day about my media kit. This allowed me to work with some great brands this summer and now as well!

I am so happy that I decided to change my mindset and think of my blog as a business instead of a hobby because that is when doors started to open for me and I felt like I could be even more consistent doing things I love!

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