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What You Need To Throw A FaBOOlous Halloween Party

Party planning and hosting parties are something that I love to do for my friends! I love an excuse to get everyone together, and since Halloween is coming up, I decided to throw a little Halloween bash! If you don't know me or you're new around here, I LOVE being over-the-top, and I'll toot my own horn for a second; I know how to throw a party! If you are thinking of throwing a Halloween party this year, here are a few things you will need and what I suggest doing!

The first thing I like to do when planning a bash like this is to create a vision board. It can be so easy to go down a rabbit hole on Pinterest and want to buy everything. You can see what you like and want if you have a vision board and then set a budget. For the party I am throwing this year, it is an all-girls party or a ghoul party, lol, so my color scheme is hot pink, light pink, white, orange, and black. The colors look so cute together, and I love how they differ from the typical Halloween colors. I plan on doing a streamer backdrop and some balloon garland for pictures and then some cute foil letter balloons that say something cute over the food and drink table.

I included my vision board with all of you that I made on Canva to see what I typically do. I usually have decorations because I tend to spend the most on and I like to see what will go together and look good. I also like to include food so that I don't end up buying too much.

Since I am a college student, I try to keep things as cheap as possible. I think it is good to splurge on 1 or 2 things that you think would be a hit at the party; for instance, I was set on everyone drinking out of cute skull cups this year. I found the perfect metallic and black cups at Walmart this year for $2 and ended up buying them. It was a splurge because I bought one for everyone that is coming. However, I think it was worth it, and it will be something cute and fun for pictures! Since cups were my splurge, I am trying to save more on other decorations. I always do the balloon garland myself, which saves me a lot because balloons can be pricy. If you want to make your own garland, I suggest this tutorial, this is what I have followed, and my balloons always turn out so good!

I typically get all my balloons and party supplies from Amazon; however, I suggest doing a Google search and comparing prices. There are a few things I was going to purchase from Amazon this year, such as balloons; however, after searching other places, I found other places to get balloons a little bit cheaper. I will say, for the most part, Amazon is the cheapest place to get decorations.

I will link everything from my vision board below for y'all to shop! Let me know if y'all are doing a Halloween party, I would love to see pictures!

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