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Valentines Day Basket

Valentines Day is coming up in a few short weeks and I think it is the enneagram number 7 in me that is always prepping for the next upcoming holiday. My mom used to always make every holiday so special for me and my sister and she would always get us little Valentine's Day baskets. I was at Target the other day and they had so many great things for baskets that I knew I needed to round everything up in a post for you all.

There were so many cute things for little girls, it was definitely giving me baby fever. I did buy the little cupid basket for myself because it was just so adorable and I found it in the dollar area, but I think it was either $3 or $5

I feel like little boys are always left out and typically don't have as many cute things as little girls, but I thought Target had a decent selection for the boys and I thought they even had some cute stuff for them! They didn't have any body baskets, but I found this one on Etsy for $9 or you could easily make your own by getting a plain bucket from the dollar store and adding sticker letters to it!

If you are someone who hates Valentine's Day, I totally get it! I used to be that way and now, even though I am single, I honestly love the holiday, and it isn't just because I love the color pink. I love to be able to celebrate with friends I love and even spend the day tending to myself a little bit more. I am the type of person who puts myself on the back burner and I always forget about self-care so, I encourage you to gift some things to either yourself this season or to a friend who could use a little me time!

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