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The Newest Store I Am Obsessed With

I am not the type to branch out when I find stores that I like. However, since becoming a fashion blogger, I have learned to try new stores. Today, I am sharing on of my new favorite places to shop, Petal and Pup!

Petal and Pup has been a popular store for awhile now but, I had never shopped there before now because if I am being honest, they are a bit pricey for this college gal. After ordering a few of their items, I am sold. I would describe my style as feminine and they have all the girly and feminine prints and styles that I love. The floral dress I am wearing above is so stunning for spring and reminds me of something you would see at Anthropologie or Free People.

Next, I got this gorgeous floral skirt that I paired with the white cropped top from their shop as well. I love this combo and it is fulfilling all my boho dreams. This maxi skirt is so comfy and breezy and surprisingly, a great length or me being 5'1. I love the pink floral pattern I just think it is so stunning for this time of year.

If you get anything from this little haul, let it be this white lounge set. If you are like me, you probably have ton of lounge sets (thanks quarantine). However, out of all the lounge sets I have, this one is my all time favorite and one I would be comfortable wearing out in public. It is so comfy and cute and I love the cropped top and flared pants.

The last item I got was a bust because I grabbed a size too big but hey, it did make me feel better. These corduroy pants would be perfect for this season and I think would go well with floral blouses. I planned on wearing these pants to my internship this summer so I am sad that they were a bust.

I linked everything for y'all to shop below, tell me which item was your favorite!

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