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The Hottest Boots of The Season

After a few years of blogging, I have found that I love a good staple shoe. What I mean by this is that I love a shoe that is different and that stands out! I am sure by now, you have seen these Gucci boots all over your Instagram feed. If you haven't yet, you're in for a rude awakening because these boots are THE best and I am going to tell you why below!

I have never really been into the edgy side of fashion so when I saw these boots, I was so shocked that I wanted them so bad. One of the biggest reasons why I wanted them was because they were so different than any other combat boot I'd seen. The combat boot seems to be a huge trend this season and I really wanted to hop on it but I needed to find a cute girly pair that wasn't so edgy and this pair, is it!

A few things to note about these boots. They are a dupe to the Gucci pair and they are super affordable yet chic! I swear by Steve Madden shoes because he makes super good quality shoes and he makes great trendy shoes but also shoes you can wear for season to come! I especially love that because if I am going to pay a good amount of money for shoes, I want to wear them for a few seasons.

Now onto comfort. On a scale of 1-10 for comfortable shoes, these are probably an 8. You need to wear short socks if you are going to wear them all day. The heel is also pretty tall but it is super comfy because it is so chunky so it isn't hard to walk in at all. The only thing that sort of bugs me about these shoes is that the tops can rub your ankles a little bit but, thats why I said to wear some socks and you're good to go!

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