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The Best Swimsuits for Curvy Gals

Where are my mid-size and curvy queens at? Does summer time intimidate you? Do you hate this time of year because you hate squeezing into swimsuits that just don't feel right and aren't flattering? i've been there and I feel you girlfriend! Today, I am sharing a brand that I am super excited about called Meet Curve! If you are a size 8-26 this brand is for you and I am going to share some cute flattering suits with y'all!

I always used to hate swimsuit season because I could never find swimsuits that fit me right. I could never find flattering tops that fit my chest and I just never felt confident in swimsuits. Now that I am older, I have learned to feel confident in my own skin and own who I am. I love how Meet Curve helps women who are curvier feel confident in their own skin and also feel stylish as well.

The first swimsuit I got, the floral one above, is so darn cute and flattering. The top is very supportive and flattering! I am a 36 DDD and I don't have any spillage and not too much cleavage which I love. I also love the high waisted bottoms. They are super flattering if you are insecure about your stomach area. They are also full coverage so they are definitely family friendly. I am wearing a medium in this set.

For my curvy gals that like to show a little more skin, this one is for you! one thing I love about this bikini is the criss-cross bottoms and top. This style is super in right now and I think it is so flattering! If you are insecure in the tummy area, these bottoms are great at masking that area. I also love how this suit just instantly makes you curvy. The fit is very flattering and I am wearing a medium!

If you love a good one-piece, this one is super flattering! I seriously think this swimsuit is my new favorite. This suit is definitely family friendly and has a little mesh if you want to show some skin. Again, if you are insecure in your tummy area, the band at the waist masks that and makes it a super flattering suit! I am wearing a medium and It fits great. All the swimsuits have padding as well!

Shop the suits below!

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