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The Best Sandals For This Spring Season That You Need

Spring is in full bloom and I could not be happier! I feel like since COVID began, I really have started to appreciate the small things in life like the seasons changing. I have a new appreciation for it. I love spring because 1) it’s my birth month and 2) I love the feeling of rebirth that the spring gives. Today, I decided to share my favorite spring sandals with y’all since I will be living in open toed shoes until August!

I rounded up some sandals that I personally own and love and some sandals that are on my wishlist! I tried to do a mix of affordable and splurge worthy sandals as well! By far, my favorite place to get sandals for the spring and summer is Steve Madden! Y’all know I rave about the style and quality of his shoes and I snag a few pairs from him every year. He just makes a darn good shoe, I can’t help myself!

My favorite sandal of the year so far is the Steve Madden Skylar Tan sandal! I loved his Travel Tan sandal last season and I wore it all spring and summer long! What I love about it is that it is a cute studded slip on sandal but it is also really comfortable! I love to throw them on to elevate a casual outfit and make it a little bit more dressy. This sandal will definitly be the hot sandal of the season so I suggest pre-ordering it so you can get your hands on them this season!

Everything is linked below for you to shop so buy away! Let me know below in the comments what your favorite sandal is!

Click HERE for last years spring sandal round-up!

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