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The Best Pumpkin Cookies

Who doesn't love a sweet treat with a warm cup of apple cider in the fall! I know I do and these pumpkin cookies are the best! I made these cookies last year for a pumpkin carving party with my friends and they were a hit! My friends loved them so much, they were begging me to make them again this year!

These cookies are not only delicious but they are super easy to make a perfect for large gatherings! The whole process takes about 25 minutes and one batch makes 48 cookies. These would be perfect for a spooky party this month or Thanksgiving next month!

The cookies are more like cake cookies. They are very soft and moist and I love to add some cream cheese frosting on top to add a little extra sweetness! I have found that my friends who don't like pumpkin love these cookies because they are more cinnamon than pumpkin. Recipe linked below and comment below if you make them or plan on making them!

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