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The Best Bras for Gals Who Have Large Chest's

What is one thing you hate shopping for? For me, it's undergarments. I hate spending money on bras and panties, it just isn't fun to me. However, having proper undergarments is very important if you want your clothes to fit the right way. If you have a large chest like me, size D and up, today's post is for you! Today, I am sharing the best, and worst, bras for large chested women.

Like I said, bra shopping is my least favorite kind of shopping. I have always had a larger chest so I was also insecure about the way bras would look on me. Luckily, I have been able to gain confidence and embrace my body over the years and I encourage you to do the same. You only get one body so might as well love it!

When searching for bras, I have 3 factors that I look for: cute, comfy, and affordable. These factors are very important to me and if any of them are missing, I have a hard time liking a bra. By chance, I was able to find 2 companies that I absolutely loved their bras. The first company is Soma. Soma hit all my criteria. Their bras were super cute, really comfortable, and surprisingly affordable. I find that the hardest part about having a larger chest is finding a bra that is inexpensive. The best bra that I got from them was the strapless bra that was underwire free. Having a large chest and a small torso, underwire strapless bras can be so uncomfortable. However, their underwire free strapless bra was so comfortable and now I can wear all the cute tops I want without being uncomfortable the whole time.

The next company that I really loved was Knix. I had never heard of Knix before but their t-shirt bras were so comfy! I spend most of my days doing school and blog work so I want something comfortable to lounge in. Their bras were perfect and super comfy and fit great but also still supportive. The only downside was that they were kind of expensive for my liking. I am interested to buy more of their bras because I really liked the ones I got.

Lastly, the final brand I tried was Third Love. Out of all the brands, they were the most expensive and sadly, I did not like their bras one bit. From the fit to the quality, I just didn't like it. First off, for how expensive the bras are, they felt so cheap. Also, the fit was pretty bad. I bent over to give my dog Moxie water and I had a ton of spillage. I have seen a lot of people that like Third Love however, I think that it is a better brand if you have a smaller chest.

Overall, Soma and Knix were my favorite brands for large chests and you can bet that I will be back buying more of their bras! Links to the good bras that I got below. I will also link my Youtube video where I discuss the bras more in depth!

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