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My Tanning Routine

Who doesn’t love being tan year round, I know I do! I hate going to get spray tans but I love being tan so I decided to start self tanning at home a few years ago! I usually try almost all the products out there when it comes to makeup, skin care, and tanning products so I know what I like and what works the best for me! Today I will be spilling the tea on my tanning routine and the products I use!

Like I said above, I’ve tried almost every product! I used to stand at Ulta and just grab stuff off the tanning shelf and just try everything. What I’ve learned from self tanning is that I don’t like the ones that make me feel sticky or smell like my skin is burning off. It’s just gross and makes me not want to reapply regularly. I also found that the ones that were sticky always washed off after my first shower and I bathe almost everyday! The products I’ve listed above are my holy grail tanning items that have worked the best and that I keep buying!

Let’s start with Tanologist! I used to hear so many things about this brand and was hesitant to try it! I always gravitate towards the inexpensive tanning products but they never work so I think that’s why I was hesitant to try Tanologist. Holy cow was I wrong! Tanologist is what I currently use and I LOVE it! My favorite products are the tanning drops and tanning water. For someone who already has dry skin, I love tanning drops because it requires you to use lotion to apply them so it’s very hydrating! I use the shade dark and I use about 4 drops and reapply once a week! It lasts between baths and is overall great! The price of the drops is hard to beat too starting at $16. The tanning water I only use to touch up my tan from the drops mid week or if I need to quickly get a quick tan for pictures or an event because it will only last for about 2 days if you shower. The tanning water is also great for my face too and it gives off a great tan! I use the mit to apply it and it’s so quick and easy and super affordable.

Next up is Loving Tan. If you like tanning mouse, this is a good one! I have a hard time applying mouse for some reason by Loving Tan’s mouse is so easy to apply and shade medium gives off such a good color! It also lasts a long time which you know is a plus for me! It doesn’t have a bad order as well and doesn’t rub off. Loving Tan is on the pricy side for me but it’s worth your bucks!

Isle of Paradise is a recent find for me and I love these drops! They smell amazing, apply super easily, are hydrating, and don’t rub off. The only complaint I have is that the bottle is small and it’s 30$ for 1 bottle which is a little pricy for me if I reapply once a week! Other than that, these are the best drops ever and I love everything Isle of Paradise makes!

I’ve been using all these products for a while now and these are my holy grail tanning products and I can’t say I will be switching to anything new anytime soon because I love these!

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