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My Self Tanning Routine and Favorite Products

Warm weather is upon us which means it is time for me to start self tanning! I usually only self tan during the warmer months because my skin is covered up most of winter. Today I am going to share with y'all my self tanning routine and my favorite products that work for me.

Tanning Products I Love

I have tried probably every self tanner out there and I have found, what I consider, my holy grail products! Last summer, I went on a hunt for the best self tanning products and I had a few requirements that were necessary. The first thing was that I wanted to find a self tanner that was budget friendly. I tan a lot, so I wanted something that was cheap. Also, I wanted something that smelled good. Something I hate is when self tanner smells like your skin is burning. It grosses me out and makes me feel sick. Lastly, I wanted something that would stay on well. I take a bath every night and I do not want to reapply after every bath.

Like I said above, I have tried about every product under the sun and the list below are my favorite ones that I love. Lately, all I use is Tanologist and I love the smell, price, and how long lasting it is. I use the drops and they are fantastic and super easy to apply! One thing I love how all you have to do is add it to lotion and apply it on your skin. I have very dry skin so I like how when I use the Tanologist, my skin stays hydrated. I use shade dark and I love the color! My skin doesn't have an orange tone to it more reds so I love the dark shade. Also, use Tanologist's tanning water for when I want to touch up my tan when the color is fading a little bit.

Another brand I also love is Isle of Paradise. It was the first brand I tired when trying tanning drops and I loved how easy they were to apply. Also, they are very similar to the brand Tanologist. The reason I choose Tanologist over Isle of Paradise is because of the price. Tanologist is cheaper and I love it.

A product I really don't like is St. Tropez. I have tried their mouse several times and I just hate it. The smell to me is so bad and I just don't love the look of it. It is not for me. St. Moriz is another brand I am not a fan of. The color does not last long at all and I could not get over the smell. It was so irritating and just so bad to me. I forgot to include Loving Tan on the graphic above but if I want to use a mouse, this is the one I go for. It doesn't smell too bad and I absolutely love the color it gives! Since I have discovered drops, I don't use mouse as much but I do highly suggest this one if you love mouse.

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