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My Favorite Fall Lip Colors

Okay, I am finally giving y'all a beauty post today! Let me start out by saying, I am not a makeup artist, beauty expert, nor do I use the correct makeup brushes. However, every time I hop on Instagram with a full glam look or just my daily makeup, y'all go crazy and always want more makeup so, here is my first attempt to chat with y'all about makeup!

Now, you're probably thinking, why a lipstick post when no one will see your lipstick with masks. Well, I don't wear a mask at home or in the car or to take photos so, why not just wear it to feel good! I also think that lipstick can completes a makeup look! I always put it on last and I think it ties the whole look together! For instance, if I am doing a super glam look but realize its too fancy, I add a neutral lip and it dies down the look!

Today I am going to share a few of my favorite neutral fall lip colors! I love fall lips because I do enjoy a darker lip however, I cannot pull off a super dark lip and these are all great for every day looks! They are subtle yet, they still make an impression!

As you can see above, I love pink tones of lippies! All of these look great on and stay on well! I love matte lippies but don't always like when it dries my lips out. The Milani lip is my all time fave matte lipstick, however it is more drying. The Loreal Sterpiece is a great matte and also does not dry my lips out at all! I would wear all these lipsticks with any outfit/ an everyday makeup look!

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