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May Best Sellers

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

I am a little late this month, but I wanted to do a recap of the top sellers from the past month. There were so many good finds that you all really enjoyed! I love being able to find stuff for y'all and basically be your personal shopper!

A lot of your favorites from this past May were also some of mine as well. The pink Amazon workout dress is definitely a fan favorite and mine as well! It is so comfortable to wear in the summer heat and I love all the range of color options!

The pink puff-sleeve bikini is definitely one of my favorites and something I packed on vacation this year! It is definitely a family-friendly swimsuit and I love the shoulder coverage since I always end up with my shoulders burned.

DHgate dupe purses are always a high seller for me and I am glad you all love a good dupe as much as I do! I always try to link my exact bag for you all, but if I can't, I end up linking a really good seller with great reviews!

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