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Looking Back On 2020

I think I am part of the majority of people who thought 2020 was going to be "my year!" Starting 2020, I was so excited for all the possibilities that 2020 had in store for me. I would be turning 20, be halfway through college, living the adult dream, and then one after another, it felt like the world was crumbling. I am sure many of you feel the same way but throughout a rough year, God still remained good to me and I want to reflect on everything I was able to accomplish in 2020.

Last March, I remember getting ready to go home for spring break but was also so nervous because of everything going on. Everything was up in the air with school and pretty much our world as COVID cases kept popping up all around us. I remember when they told us we would not be returning to school and I kept thinking what was I going to do with all this free time. Well, I channeled all my energy in improving my blog and making it something I could be proud of. To this day, I am SO proud of all the hard work I put into The Trendy Gal this summer and I feel like my blog is actually a place of community where gals of all shapes and sizes, all colors of skin, from all different walks of lives can feel supportive and confident and comfortable in their own skin. THAT IS AMAZING!!

The growth from this summer, allowed me to work with companies that I absolutely love and I am so thankful for the opportunities that arose this year! Working with brands I love is one of my favorite things and I love being able to create unique and cute content for them. One thing I learned this year is that I really love creating content that is unique and fun! I used to think I needed to be like everyone else when it came to blogging. However, this summer when I decided to start doing things that I liked, my page took off and now I am only 2,000 followers away from my big goal of 10,000!

Some Companies I Got To Work With This Year

  1. I love Jewelry

  2. The Bootay Bag

  3. Pawz (Moxie's first collab)

  4. Instyle Boutique

  5. Andi

  6. Sudio

  7. Bloomsy Box

  8. Skinny Dipped

And More!

This year I also learned to love me again. In our world, it can feel like as women, we always have to change ourselves to fit into the standards of what society tells us to be. Well, this year I learned that standing out is fun! I learned to rock new trends and styles because I wanted to. I learned to accept the body God gave me and just because I might not be as skinny or pretty as the girl next to me, I am enough because God made me perfectly in his image!

P.S. can we talk about how fun these boots are!! Seriously cannot get over how cute they are!

So here we are at the end of a crummy year but, after reflecting on 2020 it shows that when it can seem like the world is crumbling before you are, you can still make a difference and find the joys of the earth that God shows us daily! Going into 2021, I hope to continue to improve and make The Trendy Gal an even better space for women. I hope to continue to enjoy the small things in life, and I hope to learn how to be content in the moment!

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