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January Recap and Favorites

How is it already the end of January? It definitely flew by! A few of y'all gave me the idea at the end of last year to wrap up each month by sharing some of my outfits and a few of my favorite things I loved this past month!

January OOTDs

So in typical Natalie fashion, I forgot to take a photo every day, and if I am being honest, y'all probably would not want to see every outfit because some days I look rough. Here are the outfits I managed to scrounge up this past month. These outfits make me laugh a little bit because none of them reflect how cold it has been here in Lubbock, Texas. If I am being quite honest, I never dress appropriately for cold weather. One thing I am glad I got back into this month is working out and not just wearing workout clothes!


January Favorites

I feel like this month, I really tried to focus on things I was living in my life lately and they could be the smallest thing ever. I feel more grateful this month for the things I have and it has been nice reflecting on the items I truly love. Being a blogger comes with a lot of unnecessary in-take at times so being able to realize how much I use and love on a daily basis was different and refreshing.

  1. Channel Hat Band: Okay, y'all need this hat band because it is so cute and only $14! Yes, you heard me correctly, $14! You all know I am a pink gal so I love how this hat band elevates every outfit.

  2. Cowboy Boot Earrings: These earrings are the cutest ever and with the Houston Rodeo coming up, I knew I had to snag them. The best part is they are only $3.

  3. Pink Starbucks Cup: I am currently drinking out of this cup right now, that is how much I love it. I am a firm beleiver that a cute cup can keep you hydrated and this one sure does. I will say, it is a tad pricey for a cup, but the cup is metal and great quality.

  4. Pink Steering Wheel Cover: I got this steering wheel cover for Christmas from my aunt and I just love it! I think it is the cutest car accessory! I don't typically think about accessorizing my car, but ever since I got this wheel cover, I feel like "that girl!"

  5. Nanamacs Pullover: This isn't the exact pullover that I have from Nanamacs, but honestly, I have been obsessed with their whole Valentines Day collection. They have so many cutie outfits and accessories. The only downfall is that they take a long time to process your order so heads up!

  6. Wine Spout: You all know this is my favorite from last month because I have posted nonstop about it! I seriously love how it makes my wine taste and I think it is great for parties too!

  7. Pink Sparkle Loopy Case: I will never go back to a normal phone case, Loopy cases are just the best. I had my last case for months and figured it was time to update mine. This pink sparkle case is the cutest, I feel like it speaks for itself.

  8. Heart Waffle Maker: I wanted this waffle maker so bad last year, but it sold out. Well, I got my hands on it this month and it is just the cutest! I have been making protein waffles non-stop and I love the heart shape as well!


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