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How To Style Snake Skin Boots for Fall

Lately I have been sharing a lot of outfits with y'all that Natalie 5 years ago would have never worn because she would have been too scared to try something that is "out there." Well, I am glad that Natalie is gone and that I wear whatever the heck I want! Life is short, why not wear something that makes you feel good! I also find when I wear something that I am hesitant about, I have so much confidence when I wear it because you have to be confident to pull off a new trend!

Today, I am sharing how I style my favorite snake skin boots and I know, this look isn't for everyone but, if you feel like you want to try snake skin boots, DO IT!! Girl, you can rock anything if you tell yourself you can!

I bought these boots this summer because they were on sale and I loved them. When I showed them to my friend, she was not about them but I was and I didn't know how I would style them for fall and winter but this right here, is my FAVORITE look for fall! Not only is it super comfy but, it is also very chic and stylish!

I would not consider myself an edgy gal at all so I used to stray away from snake skin anything because I thought it was an "edgy" print. Now, I am realizing that you can make snake skin feminine! I love this white sweater dress because it is so cute and comfy but also makes the boots look softer and more girly! The boots I got are Steve Madden (AKA my fav shoe designer ever) and they have a hint of pink in them which makes it a more feminine print and that is one reason why I loved these boots so much!

These boots run TTS and are actually very easy to walk in! I NEVER wear slim heels, I usually only wear chunky heels or wedges so I was hesitant about these but I can actaully walk super well in them. If you have big calves, like me, they might be a little snug to get on and off but, they fit mine and I measured mine before I got them and I was 1 inch under the width of the calf and they fit me perfect! I usually only wear these boots with dresses or skirts but I did try them with jeans and the boot is a little snug on the calf but, it still works!

I will definitely be wearing this outfit on repeat this fall and I think this would make a cute look for a date night, fall photos, drinks with the girls, or even if you just want to dress up at home! You do YOU girlfriend!

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