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How To Create Your Own Wardrobe

It has been a minute since I sat down and wrote a blog post! This summer was a whirlwind for me between unexpected events happening in my life and starting my internship, writing blog posts just didn't seem right. However, I did miss coming on here and sharing things will y'all so, I am back and have 3 full months of content planned starting with today's post! Today, I am sharing all about my Ikea Pax Wardrobe with y'all!

Like I said above, my summer started in a way I didn't expect so when I came back home, I was looking for ways to boost my spirits. I have wanted a cute space to share all my clothes and store my purses for a long time. I grew up with a very small closet and while I still use that closet, I wanted something new! I did some research and decided that creating my own wardrobe with Ikea was the best way to get what I was looking for!

Now, if you are new to Ikea, it is kinda a complex situation where you are really buying pieces of what you want and you have to put it together yourself. It is kind of a hassle but, if you are balling on a budget like I am, then this is your best bet! It was tough to know where to start because after scrolling on Pinterest, I realized I wanted certain things in my closet but, I had no idea how to get the things I wanted.

After much research, I realized the best thing for me and what I wanted was to build my own closet with Ikea. I went with the Pax Wardrobe because I liked the way it looked best and was what I was looking for. Some key things I wanted in my closet that ultimately led to me designing my own were a slide-out shoe rack, glass-front drawers, and a glass shelf for showcasing jewelry other accessories.

After figuring out that I needed to design my own closet, the hardest part was figuring out measurements and the pieces to buy. I did buy a few things in-store at Ikea but, found that it was easier just to order everything online. The downside to Ikea though is that a lot of stuff is out of stock a lot so I ended up getting a much bigger closet than I originally wanted but overall, I am happy with how it turned out!

Click here to check out how to design your own wardrobe.

So, most people would say that building the closet is the hardest part. However, I have the best friend in the whole world that actually thoroughly enjoys building Ikea furniture and with a few margaritas and endless laughs, we built this whole closet ourselves! Expect to spend most of the day building this closet but, once you have one of the boxes built, it's pretty easy to build the second one! If building is not your thing, Ikea does offer building services and I think it is only an extra $50 or $100 bucks.

As for the overall cost of this wardrobe, I would say everything was around $400-$500. Now, I know that sounds like a lot (it is a lot) but, compared to other places I looked, this is the cheapest and most affordable option. You can spend less or more if you want it just depends on what you want your wardrobe to look like. I was happy with how mine came out and honestly wouldn't change anything except maybe how big it is. Overall, if you are looking to create a wardrobe, I highly suggest Ikea's Pax Wardrobes.

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