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How to Choose the Right College for You!

  1. Don't settle on one college, look around and ask your friends/peers where they are going. You might end up hating the school you had your heart set on and thats okay! Having options is the best way to prevent being heartbroken over a school (plus if your dream school decides not to accept you, you have backups!)

  2. Go on tours, I definitely agree with people that you get a feeling about a school. I am not saying it will be love at first sight for you (it might) but you might go home after a visit and reflect and decide that the school you toured is the best fit for you.

  3. If you know a friend that is older, a cousin, family member, classmate, whoever that goes to a school your interested in, CALL THEM!! I knew nothing about Tech so when I asked my friend to show me around it changed my whoooooole perspective. Having someone show you around who will tell you the good and bad about the school helps to make you feel more comfortable (I know it did for me). It is also nice because if you decide to go there, you know someone already (#instantfriend) who has survived freshman year because it is TOUGH! (but thats a blog post for another day :) (p.s. my friend who introduced me to Tech also became my big in my sorority, funny how life works sometimes :)

  4. Research the schools that have the best program for your major but also look at how their program is set up. Tech Teach is very hands on and I loved that. I think that hands on classes for education is what benefits future teachers more than just sitting in a lecture about teaching.

  5. Make a Pros and Cons list. I know this sounds dumb but it is sooooo helpful y'all! I made one about the colleges I applied to and it helped me to reflect and on what was good and what I may not enjoy. I definitely had some cons about Tech (aka its 8 hours away from my home and winters are cooooold) but the pros out weighed the cons. College is such a fun time but it is also difficult. Finding the college that will help fit your needs and not kill you can be difficult but I have faith in y'all who are starting this process and I hope you find the best college for you just like I did! Good luck! Natalie

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