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How I Met My Boyfriend

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How We Met

Nicc and I actually met in high school our sophomore year. We went to different schools (actually rivial schools) and I was dating a guy he knew. We became really good friends and talked all the time. I still remember the late night facetime calls I had with him. Junior and senior year of high school we lost touch but when I saw that we were both attending Texas Tech University in the fall, I decided to reach out to him as a friendly gesture. Our first day up at school last semester, I knocked on his door and it seriously felt like we were back in high school sophomore year. It wasn't awkward it was so normal feeling. I was in a relationship coming into college but it didn't workout (which I would later find out it was for the better). Nicc was there for me for the whole break up and would just listen to me talk about my feelings (I still feel bad because I was clueless to the fact that he was crushing on me lol)! After a few months of being single, I was feeling down because all my sorority sisters had a date to semi and I didn't have a boyfriend so I reached out to the only guy I felt comfortable going with and it was Nicc. One thing led to another and I asked him why he had not asked me out.....and a few weeks of mixed emotions and I finally said yes to being his girlfriend and boy am I glad I decided to go out with him!!

What It's Like To Date In College

Dating in college is a little different than high school becuase you are pretty much on your own. With that meaning your parents are not sitting in the room over from you making sure everything stays PG 13. Some advice I would give is before your start dating a guy in college, let him know your intentions and boundries and make sure that he respects your requests. Being totally honest, college is a suuuuuper weird time (but also fun) but what I mean is that one day your eating a stale pop tart because thats all you can afford and the next day your decalring your major for the job you will have for the rest of your life. What I'm trying to say is college is your first step into adulthood so, having a boyfriend in college is a little more serious than high school. I've enjoyed having Nicc help me through some "adultish" decsions and it's so great getting his opinion on different things. Also, you rely on your significant other (and friends of course) a lot more in high school in college because your parents are not at school with you and they won't be up at 3am when you are crying in your room about your major. With all that being said, college relationships are more serious and grown up feeling but, they are so great as well!!

#InstagramBoyfriend: Nicc and My Blog 

Let me tell y'all, this boy is my #1 fan. He constintly supports me and he thinks it is so awesime that I am super passionate about something. I have to say he has been so great at taking my blog photos, which he takes every Friday after class for me. He also has been such a great sport when I send him picture ideas I want him to do with me (aka the lipstick on his face picture). He is so sweet and I can't wait to incorporate him more into my feed!

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