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How I Learned To Cope With My Anxiety Featuring Rootd™️

New year, new you, have you heard that before? I have told myself this saying so many times in the past, but this is the first year I am making real changes, especially regarding my mental health.

It is no secret that these past few years have been a struggle for many of us. I have dealt with a lot of anxiety that started in 2020. Luckily, I have put my mental health first over the past year and have focused on coping with my stress. If you deal with anxiety yourself, you know how tough some days can be, and for me, a panic attack can happen at any moment on any given day. This past year, I have seen a therapist who has helped so much. I have also been using tools to help keep my anxiety low daily.

Rootd is an app that I have regularly used to keep my stress down. It is a free app available on Apple and Android specifically for people who have anxiety. The app has five different buttons you can choose. The lesson tab helps you learn about anxiety and what can cause it, and the effects of anxiety. You can also journal, which is a great coping mechanism that I have taken up this year. Breathr is what I use daily when I wake up and when I am about to go to bed because it helps me begin and end my day focusing on my breathing and meditating, which is known to help prevent panic attacks. Visualizr helps to take your mind off of anxious thoughts and brings you back to a place of meditation with soothing instructions. Lastly, Sleepr is like a built-in sound machine with different sounds such as rain or nature that your mind can focus on when trying to sleep.

If you struggle with anxiety, 2022 is your year to put your mental health first. I fully suggest Rootd, and I think you will love it, and it just might be your first step to bettering your mental health. The best thing I ever did in 2021 is put my mental health first, and it is something I will continue to do in 2022.

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