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Guy Approved Gifts

I think we can all agree that the hardest gift to check of your list is the gift for that special guy in your life. Whether it's your husband, boyfriend, dad, brother, whoever, it is always so hard to find something they would like. Niccolas, my boyfriend, is very hard to shop for. I know what he likes but I feel like whatever I would buy him, he already has. This year I got lucky and he helped me make this gift guide making this guide guy approved!

For this gift guide, there is a gift for all different kinds of guys. Niccolas really likes to grill so he put a lot of good grilling items if your man likes to grill. Niccolas is also a very DIY kind of guy and loves to do home projects so he suggested some tools as well. Like I said there are gifts for all different types of guys in this gift guide. If you can't find something for your guy on this list, I suggest giving an experience. Maybe a trip to somewhere fun, a trip to the gun range with the guys or a hunting trip or something like that. Sometimes I find that guys don't always want things and that they love experiences as well!

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