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Game Day Inspired Outfit Ideas

Going back to school this fall is so bittersweet because I will be experiencing all my lasts as it is my senior year! I have so enjoyed my time at Texas Tech University but, I am also excited to get into the work field and start doing things I love! Since game days are coming up, I decided to share some game day inspo with y'all for football games this season. Just to preface, for my school, we typically dress up for games and tend to wear a lot of things with cowboy boots. I did try to include dressy and non-dressy options for those of y'all who have more casual game days.

Southern Game Day

If you go to a southern school, gingham and boots is always the move! I am loving this cute gingham top but, beware if you have a large chest, it is quite open in the front. The straps are adjustable and tie at the top which adds such a cute detail. I have also been living in these cowboy boots since I got them! They are a dupe of Lucchese boots (aka, very expensive boots) and I love how chic they look!

Outfit Details- Top: SheIn, Skort: SheIn, Boots: Dolce Vita, Hat: Urban Outfitters, Hat Band: Etsy

Keepin it Casual

Like I said, for my school, we typically wear cowboy boots to games however, some days I just want to rock a comfier outfit so sneakers are the move. If you go to school somewhere where it is warm I suggest a crop top. I actually thought I wouldn't love this top with these shorts because so much of my stomach shows but, since the top is cropped I actually really like it! Wearing a size large here and I am a 36 DDD. If you have a larger chest just want to say that this top is not very supportive at all without a bra.

Outfit Details- Top: SheIn, Shorts: Agolde, Shoes: Amazon (old)

Get Dressed Up

I have never worn heels to a football game but I know for some schools girls do so here is a cute dressed up look. I went with wedges for the heels because most students stand the whole time so a comfy wedge is the best way to go. I love this top but, I will say the sleeves are a tad long for me.

Outfit Details- Top: SheIn, Jeans: Nordstrom (Wit & Wisdom), Earrings: Amazon

Cute and Cropped

Typically for Texas game days in the fall are pretty hot so like I said the less layers, the better! I love this white crop top that is perfect to dress up with jewelry that is your schools color! This top is great if you have a large chest because you can still wear a bra underneath and be comfortable.

Outfit Details- Top: SheIn, Shorts: Agolde, Shoes: Amazon (old), Jewelry: Amazon

Cute but Comfy

If cowboy boots are not your go-to for game days, a cute pair of sandals is the way to go plus, they are easy to walk in a keep you cool. I love these lace up sandals because I personally feel like they add a little structure to your outfits. This crop top is very short but, cute with high waisted bottoms and it zips up in the back.

Outfit Details- Top: SheIn, Bottoms: SheIn, Shoes: Steve Madden

A Little Edgy

I know the filter makes it hard to see this top (my bad) but this corset style top is just so flattering. I thought I wouldn't like the corset trend but I honestly love it because I feel like it compliments all my curves. This top would be cute with a skirt or skort as well but I loved it with denim shorts a fun pair of sandals.

Outfit Details- Top: SheIn, Shorts: Zara, Hat: Urban Outfitters, Hat Band: Etsy

Keeping it Chic

I love a good wrap top because it is just so flattering on the tummy area and this one does just that! I will say, if you are large in the chest, I suggest wearing a sticky bra because this top is not very supportive. Even though this top is black the material is pretty breathable which I love for the heat!

Outfit Details- Top: SheIn, Shorts: Agolde, Boots: Dolce Vita

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Tried to link as much as I could but a few things are old and not linkable anymore! So excited for game days to start this fall, what are you planning on wearing? Don't forget to subscribe so you never miss a post!

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