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Fall Photoshoot Outfits

Fall is such a wonderful time of the year and I also feel like it is a pretty popular time of year to take professional photos either by yourself, with your husband or fiance, or with friends. I wanted to share some cute outfits that I would personally wear if I had any photoshoots or anything coming up.

Floral Skirt & Sweater

I love to wear florals year-round if I can. I especially love florals in fall because I think it looks so cute with sweaters and knee-high boots! This would be the perfect photo outfit and if you are taking pictures with your husband or fiance, I would suggest he wear a maroon shirt with jeans or khaki pants.

Outfit Details- Sweater: Pink Lily Boutique, Skirt: Amazon, Boots: Amazon, Hat: Urban Outfitters

A Plaid Moment

Can you get more fall than an orange plaid dress? I don't think you can! I love this dress just because it screams fall to me but because western style is trending a lot right now and I think this dress looks cute with western booties. For males who will be photographed with you, I suggest pairing a light brown button-down shirt and some jeans or khakis with boots or dress shoes.

Outfit Details-Dress: Red Dress Boutique, Hat: Urban Outfitters, Booties: Red Dress Boutique

Flair Jeans for Fall

I saw this every year, but I wish I was tall enough to pull off bell bottoms because I think they are the cutest this time of year! I love how fun these jeans are paired with the off-the-shoulder sweater and I am loving all the neutral tones of this outfit as well. I paired this look with a newsboy hat because I love how it can really pull together an outfit and it is a very trendy hat right now as well.

Outfit Details-Sweater: Pink Lily Boutique, Jeans: Pink Lily Boutique, Shoes: Pink Lily Boutique, Hat: Urban Outfitters

Maroon and Western

Another color I love to wear for fall is maroon. Even though I am not an Aggie, I just love the color maroon and I personally feel like it looks great on a lot of different skin tones. I love the flow of this dress and I love the maroon color paired with these trendy western booties. I think it ties the whole outfit together. For men, I would pair a patterned shirt with this outfit such as a gingham print or something like that paired with jeans or khakis.

Outfit Details- Dress: Red Dress Boutique, Booties: Red Dress Boutique, Hat: Urban Outfitters

Ruffle Romper Love

I may or may not have ordered this outfit for myself because I think it is the cutest fall outfit ever. I absolutely love the ruffles and I am not a UT fan either, but during the fall season, I wear a lot of burnt orange because I absolutely love it! I paired this romper with the white booties because I think that white really compliments the orange tone in this outfit and makes it just a little bit more girly!

Outfit Details- Romper: Material Girls, Booties: Red Dress Boutique, Hat: Urban Outfitters

Maxi Dress Statement

Another floral print option but I love the fit of this maxi dress, it is just so flattering. I think this outfit would be so cute for engagement photos or couples photos. Since this dress has dark colors, I paired it with some white booties just to brighten it up a bit. For the guys, I would pair a maroon or navy shirt with this dress.

Outfit Details- Dress: Buddy Love, Booties: Red Dress Boutique, Hat: Urban Outfitters

I am linking all these outfits below for y'all to shop. If you decide to buy any of these outfits, feel free to tag me on social media, I would love to see y'all killing it in these cutie outfits! Comment which outfit was your favorite below.

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