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Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

We are already a week into October, which means it is time to start thinking of a Halloween costume. I usually don't dress up; however, it is my senior year in college, and I decided to throw a big Halloween bash and dress up! I have found a massive passion for creating cute and unique costumes, and I can't wait to share a few I have come up with this year!

Cruella Devil

This Curella Devil costume is probably my favorite costume ever! I will say, I typically am not an all-black outfit kind of gal, but this one was just so cute, and honestly, the chic wig made the entire look. This whole outfit is super affordable, and I bet you could even find pieces in your closet to use for this costume!

Outfit Details- Wig & Gloves: Amazon, Top: Amazon, Skirt: Amazon, Boa: Amazon, Boots: Forever 21


If you aren't into edgy and sexy costumes, this is a perfect one for you! One thing I always try to do when shopping for costumes is to either utilize pieces I already own or buy pieces I can wear after. This green dress is actually a free people dupe (I own it in pink), and it is the perfect Tinkerbell green. The only "costumey" part of this outfit is the wings, and I love how I can wear everything again after Halloween. Just to preface, I did purchase some fairy wings from Amazon, but I got the wrong size so these wings are edited in however, I did link some cute wings that would work for you!

Outfit Details- Dress: Amazon, Shoes: Lulus


I have seen these butterfly tops all over the place, and I knew it would be such a cute costume idea. This butterfly costume is excellent if you are a high school or college gal because these tops and metallics are super trendy! I did want to say that if you are a bra size bigger than a D, you will be busting out of this top, so make sure to measure before purchasing. I also suggest sizing up two sizes in the pants; they run tight and don't have a lot of stretch.

Outfit Details- Top: Amazon, Pants: Amazon, Heels: Steve Madden

Below I am sharing some more graphics of cute costume ideas that I hope inspire you this Halloween season! Everything is linked below for you to shop! Which costume was your favorite? Comment it below!


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