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DIY Self-Care Kit

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  1. 1. Journal

  2. 2. Essential Oil Defuser

  3. 3. Bath Bombs

  4. 4. Calming Essential Oil

  5. 5. Chamomile Tea

  6. 6. Coloring Book

  7. 7. Dark Chocolate

  8. 8. Weighted Blanket Since I get a lot of anxiety a lot of these items help with anxiety. Journaling is a great way to cope with things. I don't always love to say how I feel but I find being able to type or write out how I feel can be super helpful, not to mention, it's very relaxing. Coloring is also a great deserter and I really love the coloring book I linked below! Another great way to destress is with a weighted blankets. They are known to make you feel less anxious when you sleep and are just super soothing. If you don't know that I love baths then let me tell you, I LOVE BATHS! I could take 5 a day and be totally satisfied! Bath bombs are my absolute favorite way to unwind and these had over a thousand reviews and come in so many cute colors! These are just a few things to include in your self care kit but have fun with it and make it your own! If you make a kit, don't forget to tag me on social media @southernremix :)

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