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Dating In College 101

  1. Don't Bring A Relationship With You To College:  Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, I heard this A TON after I graduated high school. My opinion on this is do what YOU want! Being honest, being in a relationship when you start college is hard, I won't sugar coat it but, if you both talk about it before moving to school, it could work out for y'all. However, some of the cons of having a boyfriend when you start college is that you might feel held back to make friends and hangout with them and you might miss the fun things in the beginning of college (after my ex boyfriend and I broke up, I was able to hangout with my sorority sisters more and now they will be my roomies next year and my roommate and I bonded over our relationship problems which made us besties right off the bat).

  2. Is Dating Hard In College?: I wouldn't say it's necessarily hard, it's just different. In high school my ex boyfriend went to a different school then me so I would see him on the weekends and occasionally during the week for dinner. In college I can see Nicc at 8am or 12pm or I could not see him for a whole day, it really just depends on our schedules. I do enjoy dating in college because you get to experience so many new things with that person whether it's crying over your major because you're stressed and don't know if it's the one you want to study or if it's attending your first football game, all exciting things that you experience in college!

  3. I Will Stay The Same Person In College And Have The Same Taste In Guys: Y'ALL, this is one thing that soooooo many people told me before college and I just totally ignored them. Coming into college, I definitely thought I wouldn't change. Ooof, I was wrong y'all and what I wanted in a guy definitely changed. After my breakup, I realized that I wanted a guy who was going to be there for me and generally cared about me and loved being around me and wanted to hangout with me and wanted to support me and etc. and Nicc is all that and more!! If you know Nicc and I, then you know we were friends before college and I never thought I would date him but my taste in guys changed because I changed and I have never been so happy. So my advice, have an open mind. You never know who will come along and change your world!

  4. What Do You Do For Dates: I like this question because honestly it changes all the time. Some days it's going to the library to work on homework (more like Nicc helping me with my education math homework lol) or it could be watching a Netflix show/ movie or it could dressing up for my sorority events or his fraternity events. It really just depends on the day but that's how college is, you learn to go with the flow (also, anything super cheap is a good date in college).

  5. Do You Miss Out On Things Because You Have A Boyfriend:  I have never been someone who thinks that dating doesn't allow you to be your own person and do your own thing. I do my things that I want to do like going to events or hanging out with my girlfriends and Nicc does his things. I love having Nicc here to hangout with and experience things with me but we also have things that we can enjoy by ourselves. Nicc and I didn't start dating until November, so I had some time before we started dating where it was just me and I could make friends and hangout with them whenever. I think this helped me for when I started dating Nicc because I had already made friends so in the beginning I could really focus on our relationship. So my answer to that question is no I don't miss out on things because I mostly do them with Nicc or my sorority sisters/ roommate. I hope y'all enjoyed this post and I hope it answered some of y'alls questions! Don't forget to follow me on Instagram @southernremixfashion and don't ever hesitate to comment any questions y'all have about college life! Natalie

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