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Current Makeup Favorites

I am taking a little break from fall content and today, I am sharing my favorite makeup products with y'all. One thing that I think is so funny is that everyone always wants to know what products I am using and the reason I think that is funny is because I am far from a beauty blogger. However, I have found some products that I love recently and I have rounded up everything that I use for y'all today!

I made graphics to describe each product and so that y'all can see the products I use as well! Everything will be linked for y'all to shop below! Most of these products I have been using for months now and I can say that they have passed the wear and tear test. For reference, my skin is pretty oily and I have super deep pores. I also have rosacea so my cheeks tend to be redder than most people. I don't have too much acne but here and there, I get a bit!

I used to change up my makeup routine a lot however, lately, I have found products that I love and the only things I typically change up are lipsticks or glosses, mascaras, and eyeshadow pallets. I included a few extra items that I forgot to include in the graphics that I use daily as well. Everything is super affordable and I linked everything below for y'all to shop! Let me know if you have any suggestions of products I should try!

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