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Cupshe Swimsuit Haul

Swimsuit season is coming up and let's face it, finding a good swimsuit that not only fits but is also cute, can feel nearly impossible sometimes. Cupshe is a brand that I have never tried before, but one I really wanted to try. As a midsize girl, I always struggle to find swimsuits that fit. I have heard really good things about Cupshe so I was excited when they sent over some swimsuits for me to try!

Cupshe doesn't just have bikinis and one pieces, they also have clothing such as dresses and coverups. Not only are they an affordable brand, but they also make sure all their products are high quality. Being size inclusive is something that is very important to me when it comes to swimsuits. Cupshe makes sure that their pieces are comfortable and flattering and they use special fabrics designed for every body shape from XS to 4X. You won't want to miss Cupshe Spring Sales, Swimsuits up to 50% off! Lastly, I am a midsize girl with a larger chest than bottom. One thing I hate is when swimsuits come in a pack because I cannot customize it to my size. Cupshe has separated bikini tops and bottoms which allow you to purchase different sizes and I love that!

For reference, I am a size large in all of these swimsuits and I am 5'1 in height and a 36 DDD in my chest.

Cheetahlicious Bikini

I am dying over the print and ruffles of this bikini! I do think the top is a tad small for a 36 DDD so I would suggest sizing up if you are my size or bigger. The straps are adjustable and I love how flattering the wrap part of the top is. The bottoms fit perfectly and they are family-friendly and not cheeky.

Pink Floral Bikini

If it is pink and floral, I need it! The scalloped detail on this swimsuit is so cute and feminine and I love the cut of this suit. There are three straps on the back of this bikini top that make the top more supportive even though it is one shoulder. The bottoms are high-waisted and full coverage and very flattering. Overall, this swimsuit fits great and I feel super comfortable and confident in it.

Blue Deep-V One Piece

I have NEVER been able to wear a low-cut swimsuit because I was always spilling out up top. This one however is large-chested friendly. The straps are thick making it supportive and the sides are covered so you won't spill out the side. I also love the belted middle because it makes your tummy area more flattering. I also love the high leg cut on the bottoms so that it elongates your legs!

Red Gingham Bikini

Out of all the swimsuits I got, this one is my favorite. The cut is super flattering and I love how the top is supportive and has a lot of coverage. This top fits the best by far and it is definitely true to size. The bottoms are full coverage as well. This bikini is a 10/10!

Green Floral One Piece

To my surprise, I really loved this swimsuit. I don't usually gravitate towards green, but I love the cut and how this one fits. The top is super supportive and I love the cut-out in the tummy area. My stomach is my insecure spot so I love how the waist of this suit is super flattering.

Black Belted One Piece

This one-piece is so cute. I know I will be grabbing for suit a lot this summer. I always love belted swimsuits because it is more flattering on your waist. This one is super supportive and true to size. The straps are adjustable and it has a high leg cut. The bottom is cheeky so beware if that isn't your thing.

Lilac Bikini

Lilac has been a color that I have been loving for spring and summer so when I saw this bikini, I knew I needed it. I wasn't too sure if this top would fit, but to my surprise, it wasn't bad! I will say, it isn't the most supportive if you have a larger chest however, I wasn't worried about spillage or falling out up top.

Green Floral Strapless Bikini

This swimsuit is the only swimsuit in this haul that I don't recommend if you are my size and up. Strapless bikinis are so tough for large chested gals because they always fall down. If I am at the beach, the last thing I want to do is be tugging at my swimsuit. This top was surprisingly too big and wouldn't stay up very well. I love the pattern and color, just doesn't work well for larger chests.

Overall, I would say Cupshe is large chest friendly and most of these swimsuits fit true to size. I really love how they have a lot of high-waisted bottom options and tops that have good coverage. I have my eye on a few suits from them so I will definitely be making more Cupshe purchases in the near future!

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Links to everything below:

My size: L

1. Purple And Floral One Shoulder Scalloped Bikini(L):

2. Brynn Cutout One Piece Swimsuit(L):

3. Red Gingham Smocked Bikini (L):

4. Black And Leopard Falbala Bikini (L):

5. Purple Lace Up High Waisted Bikini (L):

6. Paula Bandeau High Waisted Bikini (L):

7. Lauren Belted Bandeau One Piece Swimsuit (L):

8. Mini Zebra Texture Twist Plunge One Piece Swimsuit (L):

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