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Coco & Eve Self Tanning Mousse Review

Summer is just a few weeks away which means it's time to get your summer glow! I don't tan very well so I am a huge fan of self tanning. I have tried about every self tanner under the sun and I wanted to try out a new brand, Coco and Eve, since I kept seeing it all over Instagram and Facebook. Today, I am sharing my thoughts on the Coco and Eve tanning mouse.

My first impressions of Coco & Eve's self tanning mouse was that I loved the packaging on the bottle. I thought it was so chic and cute! I loved the shade that I got, which was ultra dark, and I thought it smelled really good. Applying the mouse was pretty easy easy. I applied mine with a mitt and it went on pretty smooth and was easy to blend. I mentioned on stories a few weeks ago that I take a lot of baths (every night) so I was interested to see how long the color would stay and I was pleasantly surprised. It says on the bottle you only have to reapply once a week so I would say that for the most part, that is true.

Now on to what I didn't like. One thing I hate, and I typically find that this happens with mouses, is that it rubbed off easily. Every time I reapplied (I have been using this mouse for 2 weeks now) at night, it would always rub off on my sheets and I would wake up in the morning and my sheets would be brown. That was a big think that I just hated. I also hated how I kind of felt sticky which usually with mouses, I feel the exact same way. Another thing I didn't like is that I feel like it would dry out my skin so quick. I have pretty dry skin anyways so the fact that this dried my skin out more was not something I loved. When my skin would get dry, it would break the tan up and just make it look bad. My thighs would look like they had cellulite and it was just bad.

My overall thoughts is that the color was great and I loved the smell and it did last long. However, I think I am going to stick to my Tanologist tanning drops and getting spray tans because I personally think it works better for me and my skin type. If you have tried Coco & Eve, comment below your thoughts! I would love to hear what you thought about their products!

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