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Bedroom Reveal

I have never been more excited about a blog post because I have decorated my dream room! Last year, I hated my apartment and wanted a space I truly loved and a space that felt homey. Today I am sharing my room reveal and links will be at the bottom to shop!

I can’t remember exactly how I came up with my room aesthetic but it was probably Pinterest. I loved the pattern of the wallpaper and knew I had to have that so I based everything around that. The one thing I hate about most college apartments is that they come fully furnished so it can be hard to make the space your own. I suggest when trying to think of how to decorate go to Pinterest and make a bedroom board and then pin ideas you love! It will make easier to figure out your style or what you like

I will link all of my room decor below but I will share a little bit more about certain things I have received DMs about recently! my wallpaper is from Amazon and it is my favorite thing in my room! It took exactly 3 rolls to cover my one wall so it can get kind of pricy! It sticks so well and has not peeled at all. We used a sponge (not wet) to rub on the wallpaper when applying it and that helped a lot! The next thing y’all are loving is my headboard. I’ll let y’all In on a little secret but, it’s a headboard! My bed already had a headboard so I love this pink headboard pillow for, Dormify to help make my room more personal. I used marble contact paper on my desk to spruce it up a little bit and I wish I had bought another tube for our coffee and kitchen table! Lastly, my clothing rack is from Amazon and I love how it’s so slim and can fit in the smallest spaces!

This is seriously my dream room and I never want to leave it. It is so comfy and cozy and I suggest if you are a college student living in a dorm or if any of y’all are living in an apartment, try making the space your own! I know my room is so over the top (hahahaha) but it’s so me and I love it!

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