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Athleisure Looks You Need To Start Out The New Year

I declare January the month of athleisure because I feel like that is what everyone wears. It makes since because a lot of people choose healthy resolutions in the new year. I love a good excuse to rock some cute athleisure and today I am sharing 2 looks you need this new year.

I'm usually someone who gravitates toward color but I appreciate a good neutral look here and there. This first look is an all black look and I think it looks so chic. I am loving these Lululemon legging dupes that I cannot get enough of. They are seriously so soft, comfortable, and easy to move in. This cropped tank is perfect for any pair of leggings and is a super good length. I am not a fan of super long workout tops so this one is perfect.

I finally splurged on the infamous "Amazon coat" and wanted to see what the hype was all about. Personally, I think this coat is really good quality and looks fashionable. I am not the type that loves bulky coats because I just don't think they're cute but, this one looks super cute on! I would say, I did get a medium and I wish I had done a small.

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My second look is more of a street style look. I love this white jogger set. I think it is so cute and you can get a lot of wear out of it during the year. I am so thankful that 2020 was the year of the lounge set because that is what I grab for majority of my days. They are easy to throw on for class and running errands. Also, who doesn't love a cozy set like this!

I added this cute trench coat to give this set more of a modern twist. I have been seeing a lot of gals style lounge sets with long coats and I honestly really like the look. It just dresses up a lounge set and makes it look like a put together outfit.

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