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Agolde Shorts, Are They Worth The Investment?

I am so excited about this blog post and I know many of y’all are too! I’d never heard of the brand Agolde until I started blogging. A lot of bloggers love them so I was interested in buying a pair myself and seeing if they are worth the hype and today I will be answering all your Agolde denim shorts questions!

So are Agolde Shorts Worth The Investment?

I decided to start off with the question I am sure y’all are all wondering and my answer is yes, I definitely think these shorts are worth it and I’m going to explain why I think this. So first off, the one thing I really love is that these shorts are legit true to size. I guarantee they will so comfy. There is nothing more that I hate than wearing an uncomfortable pair of denim shorts. These shorts are expensive but when you think about it, denim never goes out fo style and I wear denim shorts all summer long so it’s worth the investment!

Is Sizing TTS?

Like I said above, the shorts do run tts. I know that is something that people always say an generally, I like to believe that the more you pay for something, the better the quality will be. I am wearing a size 29 in my shorts and they fit really well. I also have notice that the shorts generally are a really good length meaning, nothing will be falling out!

Which Style Did You Buy?

So a lot of bloggers I know own the Parker Vintage style of shorts but I got the Parker Distressed style. I personally think the styles are identical and I really like these shorts. Both styles are a great overall light wash denim.

Do The Shorts Stretch?

They do not stretch they are like regular denim however, from the moment I put these shorts on, it felt like I was wearing a good pair of worn in denim!

Some other things I wanted to share with those of y’all thinking of purchasing these shorts: I love how the hem flares away from your thighs because it instantly makes your thighs look slimmer. These denim shorts are perfectly flattering and great if you do not like tight denim.

Overall, if you’re thinking of trying Agolde shorts, I say do it, you will NOT be disappointed and it will be worth every penny!

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