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4 Outfits To Wear When You Don't Know What To Wear

It's that weird time in January when you are not really sure what to wear. I feel like most months have a pattern of what to wear. February has Valentine's Day, March and April have spring, May to August is summer, and September to November is Fall, and lastly, December is Christmas and then there is January. It can be easy to feel clueless in your closet in January which is why I wanted to give y'all 4 simple looks I always reach for when I don't know what to wear.

Look #1: Moto Jacket with Jeans

When in doubt, throw on a moto or leather jacket with some jeans! I got this moto jacket this summer and I love to throw it on over casual outfits to dress them up a bit. This look is super neutral and is perfect for work, grabbing coffee with a friend, or even running errands.

Look #2: Jeans and A Flannel

Adding Flannels to outfits are pretty much a go-to for me if I don't know what to wear. I throw them over leggings and t shirts and I throw them on with jeans and bodysuits like shown above. You can never go wrong with flannel and there are honestly so many cute ways to style them! I dressed up the flannel above with some booties but you could wear this exact outfit with some sneakers as well.

Look #3: Your Favorite Chunky Sweater

Do you have an item in your closet that is super cozy and comfy but also an item you feel good in? Grab for that! I always feel really good when I am wearing an outfit that boosts my confidence. I love the fit of this chunky sweater and I love how it can pretty much go with anything so when I don't know what to wear, I reach for this sweater.

Look #4: Cardigan and T Shirt

I'm sure many of y'all have an abundance of cardigans in your closet, me included, which is why it is always a good option to reach for when you are unsure of what to wear. You can style cardigans with jeans or leggings and you can dress them up or down. The look I chose above is a casual dressed up look that is perfect for every day wear!

January is a weird month when it comes to fashion but, I hope these 4 looks inspire you to still look cute during a boring month of fashion. Comment below if you try any of these looks or if this post was helpful!

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