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21 Letters To Myself: Day 2

Hey Nat!

Let's talk about friends real quick! Ever since you were little you could count the amount of friends you had on your hands. That used to bother you. I remember in middle school you would try so hard to fit in yet, you were never being yourself. I remember you were so unhappy because you weren't being you but, you never gave up.

One thing you have learned over the years is to be yourself and do what's best for you. In high school, you met some friends that were amazing, you even still talk to them. You also learned that you sometimes have to let friendships go when you need to stand up for yourself and others. That was a hard lesson to learn. However, it has helped you a lot in college.

College started out rocky for you. You didn't choose the best friends but you quickly learned who your friends were all along and now you can't imagine going through lie without them. One big thing you have learned so far as an adult is that life is too short for friends that create drama. So Nat, keep your friends close and even though it may be a small circle, each one is so darn special to you and holds a special place in your heart!

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