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20 Christmas Gifts for Her All Under $50

  1. Golden Goose Dupes: If you do not know what these shoes are, just know that they are super HOT right now in the fashion world. One thing I love about these shoes is that they have so many different patterns so if the person you're shopping for isn't a sparkle person, you can get them the cheetah shoes or even the black and white shoes. They fit true to size and are super comfy! I ordered a pair and I am a 7 1/2 and I ordered the size 7.5-8 and they fit perfect! They are also $36 compared to $480 on the Nordstrom website

  2. Revlon Hair Dryer: This is a gift that is super popular right now (it's even on my list) because it is changing the hair drying game! One reason why I love it is becuase it dries and styles your hair at the same time which is a big plus for me on a busy schedule. If you're nervous about your hair type working with this hair dryer, I am attaching some videos of people using this hair dryer on different hair types so you can see for yourself! It is that good! It is currently on sale on Amazon right now for $44! 3. Lulu Lemon Dupe Leggings: If you love Lululemon  but hate paying the big bucks for a pair of leggings, these are for you! These leggings are the closets dupe EVER to the real deal Lulus. These leggings are so so soft and fit true to size. I am a size 6 in Lulus and I bought a medium in these which is my usual size for bottoms. the best part about these leggings is that they are $22 and come in almost ever single color that Lulu has! This would be a great gift for the sporty gal on your list! Also, a great gift for your daughter who has been wanting Lulus forever but you just can't imagine spending $100 on leggings. 4. Naked Honey Palette : This is a great palette by Urban Decay because it has so many neutral colors in it which is my favorite for wearing eyeshadow everyday! This is the only item not from amazon but it is $50 on Ulta which is the priciest item on this guide. 5. Pearl Headband: Headbands are one of my favorite trends right now and these pearl headbands have been so in! I love these super cute velvet headbands are perfect for any type of gal! they also come in a lot of different colors which is always a great plus! You can also order a 3 pack in different colors and these headbands are $6! 6. Blue Capri Volcano Candle: If you have not heard of these candles before then you should listen up when I say that this candle is AMAZING. I am obsessed with this candle (I literally leaving it burning every time I am home) because it is so good! It is such a good warm neutral sent that is not too warm but not too sweet so that you can leave it on all the time and not get tired of it. This would be a great gift for your mom or mother in law that they would be sure to love. Currently on sale for $27! 7. Burberry Dupe Scarf: I love the Burberry print so much and this scarf is such a cutie find! If you know someone that loves designer things, they will definitely love this scarf! It is super soft and cozy perfect for cold days. 8. Cozy Slippers:  IF you have a gal on your list that is a homebody, this is the perfect gift for her! These slippers are so cozy and warm and every time I come home I instantly put on these slippers. They come in a few other colors such as blush pink, beige, and more. 9. Packing Cubes: For the gal that loves to travel, these packing cubes are the perfect gift! I just got this set and they are awesome! I will be doing a Youtube video soon on how to pack them so stay tuned for that! They come in a lot of different colors but I could not pass up this cute cheetah print! It also comes with everything pictured which is awesome for the price! 10. Fashionable Apple Watch band: Forget the boring watch band the Apple Watch comes with get your gal a cute fashionable one that goes with every outfit! I love this band because it is so unique and makes the watch look more fancy! it is also really good quality and super inexpensive at $23. It also comes in other colors as well. 11. Kate Spade Letter Necklace Dupe: I am loving the letter/monogram trend that has been going on for a few years now and this letter necklace dupe is such a cute and sentimental gift! This gift would be great for a new bride or newly wed gal or even your best friend or mother-in-law! its also only $11 and comes in gold and rose gold and they have letters from A-Z! 12. LV Neverfull Tote Dupe: Every girl loves a good designer purse and these Neverfull totes are always a good gift! This tote however gives off the appeal of a designer bag for so much less! It also comes with a bonus wallet which is so nice! I have had so many friends purchase this and they love it!

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